Technology transforms: ‘Paper to Augmented Reality’,
Transform working methods from paper to AR

The massive technological advancements has transformed the world drastically; making lives easier, faster and better. Our knowledge has enabled this world to modify from paper to one of the recent techniques of Augmented Reality. It has reshaped the modern work culture and has changed the way individuals perspire the world. Industry 4.0 is a transformation that makes it possible to gather and analyse data across machines, allowing flexibility and efficiency to produce high quality goods at reduced costs. With the use of augmented reality, people can experience the physical reality and take advantage of additional information and manipulation of reality itself. 

Visualization using soft glass:

Apprehension is an important part of the work system. It is believed that 90% of knowledge is grasped by our eyes through contemplation. Visualization facilitates quick gripping of the task and it is difficult to exhibit this property using paper. Augmented reality qualifies one’s imagination to reality and completes tasks swiftly in an organised manner.

Accuracy in work performance:

Accuracy and preciseness is what helps a company grow, make profits and function efficiently. Accuracy also assists when it comes to knowing budget, employee expenses and projection for revenue and is a major deciding factor for a company when it comes to improving their brand image. Augmented reality reduces error and time spent on complex tasks only by a single touch. While paper driven work has a high possibility of inaccuracy.

Easy to implement systems:

  • Dashboard-

    Dashboard provides a comprehensive snapshot of performance, better forecasting and time saving efficiency. It enables inventory control and real time customer analytics. Augmented reality has almost limitless potential. One can quickly get insights of the task and other aspects of data.   
  • User management-

    User management allows IT to control and maximize visibility over every device, application, or network across the company, without dictating what resources are the right choice for each group. Central control over the users ensures that digital information stays within the company and allows work efficiency to full potential. 
  • Application monitoring-

    Application monitoring is a salient feature as it reduces Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), that is, performance issues are resolved quickly and more efficiently so that the impact to business is reduced. 
  • Easily accessible-

    For Augmented reality, certain range of images, animation and 3D models are used and people can see the results in both virtual and real life. It is studied that augmented reality based presentations of information with respect to the traditional graphs and plots in immediacy, directness and ease of use. Demonstrations are often far more effective and captivating due to the ability to showcase the entire product line and focus on specific details. It doesn’t require special knowledge of any programming languages. 

Encrypted ends and centralized systems:

Device security and remote backup is a key feature for unauthorized access to an account. Augmented reality glasses could visually encrypt sensitive data. If there is any illegitimate access, it systems for force logout. It is totally safe.

Versatility of Augmented reality:

Augmented reality is a software which is highly efficient and has outstanding demand in all industries. Augmented reality is used in manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical, aviation industry and many more.