We had a crazy busy week at the NLA with the finalization of the BATCH 1 program, coming to a close with the DEMO DAY day this Wednesday – what a success! Annika Evertse Sorensen, Jörg Jonas-Kops, Florian Schimandl, Vincent Oswald and Henrik Zölzer gave their best squeezing in all the things they learned and accomplished over the past 6 months in their crispy pitches – plenty of reasons to celebrate ! First of all, their ventures SensorTransport, nxtbase technologies GmbH, Smartlane GmbH and 25ways GmbH are all still standing 😉 – kidding aside, these startups have made quite some accomplishments, are in numerous serious discussions with our investors and other partners and first contracts were already signed … and the journey continues !


10th Aviation Forum Hamburg 2020

The agenda of the 10th Aviation Forum Hamburg is based on three fundamental trends of today’s aerospace business: Digitalization, Sustainability and Partnerships

Mediatech Hub Conference

MediaTech Hub Conference is the only B2B event on media technologies in Germany. Referring to every video- or audio-related technology and business in a digital world, MediaTech is rapidly changing the way we live and work. At MTH Conference we explore the potential, practices and challenges of MediaTech in the context of business and entertainment. We combine know-how from all industries so that our participants can use today’s media technologies to make their business future-proof.
Please click here to watch the trailer for the event.


#2nd R&D funding in progress from BMWi through the Central Innovation Program for SMEs

Nxtbase has been developing the “Artificial Intelligence powered Augmented Reality suitcase – NxtQ” since 2016, for increasing efficiency of industrial processes as well as the workers, with financial aid for R&D from the BMWi through the Central Innovation Program for SMEs under the project “mod4mob” development. It has been an amazing journey till date and with the 1st funding, we have been successful in our first transformation of the suitcase to military standard specifications, completely rugged, high robustness, waterproof and water-resistant. Starting from 1st April 2020, we are on our way to grab our 2 R&D funding from BMWi and soon design a new face for our product. Transforming NxtQ from a suitcase to a tiny wall-mounted box for better mobility, with higher efficiency and effectiveness is our vision of the future.

StartUp Meeting Potsdam

Das Start-up Meetup Potsdam goes online.
Auch wir möchten, dass alle zu Hause bleiben. Aber das heißt ja nicht, dass wir nicht pitchen können. Deshalb heißt es am 8. April – kurz vor Ostern – #BYOB (Bring your own ????) und schaltet ein, wenn drei unserer MTH Accelerator-Start-ups für euch online pitchen. Natürlich könnt ihr Fragen stellen und Feedback geben.

Mit dabei sind:
– Craftdrive – ganz neu dabei ab Mai
– Denton Systems – ebenfalls ganz neu dabei ab Mai
– Portal AI – schon kurz dabei das Programm zu beenden

Moderiert wird das Meetup wie immer von unserem Head of Accelerator Erdinç Koç.

Wir werden euch den Link zu unserem Stream kurz vorher hier posten. Aber folgt uns ebenfalls gerne bei LinkedIn: